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The Delaware Valley Amateur Astronomers is a group of enthusiastic hobbyists who live in and around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. We love to share our knowledge and enjoyment of astronomy with other amateur astronomers and with the general public.

The images at left show a few DVAA members in action during local events.

Upcoming events

    • 10 Mar 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    • Radnor Township Building, Radnorshire Room, 301 Iven Ave. Radnor, PA, 19087.

    Speaker: John Symborski

    Title: The Antikythera Mechanism Fully Explained


    John's original presentation on the The Antikythera Device and its Place in Historical Astronomy 2009 concluded that the possible planetary display could not be proven, only that it could have existed - as demonstrated 'in principle' by a working model by Michael Wright using gearing similar to that surviving in the original device.

    New detailed CAT scans prove that there was an extensive upper assembly - apparently sheared away at some point after the shipwreck, but before the bronze was transformed into fragile oxides by centuries under ocean water. A logical model of the display (much simpler than the Wright model) has been proposed by the Antikythera Research group, yet it does not explain a mysterious cross-drilled lug on one arm of the main solar gear. Nor does the model reasonably allow for the eclipse node (dragon) point to be displayed on the model with correct precession.

    A competing group discovered that the date and degree markings have distinctly different centers, (a fact ignored by others) and proposed a simpler way of modeling the solar anomaly. The work of both research groups can by 'synthesized' into an elegant solution that uses all of surviving architecture to display not only the 5 planets know to the ancients, but the solar and eclipse node precessions as well! While researchers argue about who 'discovered' what, a combination of the best ideas of put forth thus far point to the most likely answer - as put forth in John's presentation.

    • 18 Mar 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 11:30 PM
    • Model airplane field at Valley Forge National Historic Park.

    DVAA public star parties will be held on the model airplane field at Valley Forge National Historic Park. Get directions or Google Maps

    • 07 Apr 2017
    • 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
    • Radnor Township Building, Radnorshire Room, 301 Iven Ave. Radnor, PA, 19087.

    Speaker: Mark Trodden

    Title: Embracing the Dark Side: In Search of the Missing Pieces of the Cosmic Puzzle

    Abstract: For most of the last century, physicists pushed our understanding of the microscopic world down to ever-smaller sizes, splitting the atom to reveal its inner workings and making astonishing new discoveries, including most recently, the Higgs particle.  At the same time, other scientists – astronomers – have continued to look to the skies for “the big picture” of the universe, peering beyond our galaxy and looking back to the beginning of time. They have discovered that the universe contains mysterious new entities - dark matter and dark energy - and that the Big Bang may have arisen through the dramatic expansion of cosmic inflation, about which we have gained crucial new knowledge just in recent years. In this lecture we will explore how modern cosmology weaves together these seemingly distinct strands of knowledge, turning our telescopes into microscopes, and allowing us to read the hitherto unknown dark side of the universe.

Past events

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03 Feb 2017 General Meeting
28 Jan 2017 Dark Sky Observing
20 Jan 2017 Local Group Observing
17 Dec 2016 DVAA Annual Meeting
29 Apr 2016 Local Group
12 Mar 2016 Valley Forge Public Star Party
12 Feb 2016 Monthly General Meeting
15 Jan 2016 January Monthly Meeting
06 Nov 2015 Monthly Meeting
17 Oct 2015 Valley Forge Star Party

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