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Links to Favorite Websites

Some of our favorite websites. Clicking on a link will open that site in a new window. If you find a link to be broken or inappropriate, please contact webmaster to have it fixed or removed.

Our Favorites

Site Comment
Useful Formulae Math Calculators for Backyard Astronomers
Astronomy Picture Of The Day Your tax dollars at work
Cloudy Nights Telescope Reviews
Night Sky Network NASA's educational outreach site, with many great events.
Red Orbit General Interest Space Science Page. Excellent Astro-photos
Skyhound A great source of timely information for the observer. General Interest Space Science Page
USNO Astronomy Data Online Great online calculators for a variety of phenomena.

Our Friends and Neighbors

Site Comment
Astronomical League
Astronomical Society of Harrisburg
Bucks-Mont Astronomical Association
ChesMont Astronomical Society
Chester County Astronomical Society
90 Millimeter Observatory
Dark Horse Observatory Amateur Astrophotography
Lackawanna Astronomical Society
Pennsylvania Outdoor Lighting Council Help Fight Light Pollution!


Site Comment
American Astronomical Society Your tax dollars at work
Night Sky Network NASA's educational outreach site, with many great events.
Astronomical Society of the Pacific General Interest Space Science Page. Excellent Astro-photos
IAU Circulars A great astronomy podcast!
International Dark Sky Association Help Fight Light Pollution!
Peoria Astronomical Society General Interest Space Science Page
San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers Great online calculators for a variety of phenomena.
SEDS Big organization, with a very interesting site.


Site Comment
ADC Catalogs & Charts
Antique Atlases Scanned copies of 17th and 18th century star charts
Astronomy Ireland Irish Astronomy
Astronomy Now British Astronomy
Astronomy Online Astronomy Magazine
International Comet Quarterly Sky and Telescope Magazine
Sky & Telescope Online
Stardate Online
The Astrophysical Journal
Top 10 Astronomy Books for Kids

Comets & Meteors

Site Comment
International Comet Quarterly Primary and secondary information on comets and observing comets
Meteorical Society Promotes the study of extraterrestrial materials and their history.
Puckett Observatory Private observatory searching for comets and supernovae

Deep Space

Site Comment
Black Holes And Neutron Stars Old Site
NGC/IC Project Project to identify all NGC and IC objects.
Pleiades Dedicated to the Pleiades Cluster
Supernova Nexus


Site Comment
Astrofolk Lots of trivia about the constellations, planets and so on.
Astronomy Net Site with lots of links to other sites.
History of Astronomy/Astronomiae Historia German site that collects links and papers about the history and state of Astronomy.
Night Sky Info Provides updated weekly information about the night sky
Star Hustler Jack Horkeimer
The Astronomy Sight Crowell Observatory, San Francisco CA
US Naval Observatory The Navy Observatory is dedicated to Precise Time and Astrometry

Hubble Space Telescope

Site Comment
Best Of Hubble Great images collected by the HST
Hubble Space Telescope - JPL Introduction to the HST
HubbleSite HST News and Astrophotos
Next Generation (James Web) Space Telescope What will come after the HST?


Site Comment
Apogee CCD Cameras
Catching The Light Astrophotography and Techniques by Jerry Lodriguss
Chuck's Astrophoto Page
David Hanon's CCD Images Images taken with 7" refractor and ccd camera
FotoSearch Astronomy Photos Astronomy Prints and Stock Photos
FotoSearch Galaxy Photos Astronomy Prints and Stock Photos
FotoSearch Space Photos Astronomy Prints and Stock Photos
Galaxy Photography
Messier Collection Another SEDS resource
Messier Gallery CCD Images of Messier Objects
NGC 2000 Catalog Images of everything in the NGC and Messier catalogs
NSSDC Photo Gallery
Robert Provine & Brad Willis Authors of Manual for Advanced Celestial Photography
Russell Croman Astrophotography
Space Gallery Great collection, by Oklahoma State University
Starlite Xpress CCD Cameras
The Universe In Color Astrophotography by Robert Gendler
Tony Hallas


Site Comment
Astro Mall Just about anything you could ever want for your telescope!
AstroMart Astronomy classifieds, articles, reviews and more.
Obsession Telescopes Some of the best telescopes in the world.
Skies Unlimited Telescopes and more.
University Optics Great source for ATM parts and high quality eye pieces.


Site Comment
AstroInfo Free astronomy software for Palm PDAs
Celestia Free astronomy software for the PC and Mac
Software Bisque CCD cameras,software, and images
Starry Night Astronomy software for PCs and Macs
Stellarium Open-source astronomy software

Solar System

Site Comment
American Lunar Society
Earth Viewer Generate aerial views of the earth and moon
JPL Solar System Dynamics Information about most known natural bodies in our solar system.
Moon Society Look at it? They want to colonize it!
NASA's Planetary Photo-Journal Publicly released images from various solar-system exploration programs
Nine Planets Multimedia tour of the solar system
NSSDC - Planetary Science NASA's Planetary Sciences web site
Tour Of The Sun Multimedia show about the sun.
Virtual Reality Moon Phase Pictures "Virtual" phase of the moon pics for any date going back to the 19th century!

Space Probes

Site Comment
Clementine Browser Browse the images collected by Clememtine
Clementine Deep Space Probe About Clementine
CNES Clementine Database Another Clementine image browser
Galex The Galaxy Evolution Explorer
Galileo Galileo has been exploring Jupiter and its moons since December 1995
MSSS Viking Image Archive Images from the 1976 Viking Landers
NASA's Deep Space Mission page Learn more about all of NASA's probes
Stardust Catch a Wild Comet


Site Comment
ATM Workshop
Mt.Palomar Home Page Once the world's largest telescope - now on the Web!
NexStar Resource Site Dedicated to Celestron NexStar users.
Obsession Telescopes
SLOOH A subscription-based internet observatory based in the Canary Islands
Starmaster Telescopes
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